Cavtat – a jewel on the Adriatic Sea

Cavtat waterfront

Croatia is beautiful and Dubrovnik on the southern coast is one of those jewels that’s a must-see when exploring the country. However, Dubrovnik can get over-run with tourists and cruise ship day-trippers all wanting to experience their share of glorious views, fantastic food and enchanting ambience. So the small village of Cavtat, approximately 18 kms to the South is a fabulous alternative, either for a day-trip or a less expensive base to explore the area.

Getting there

Cavtat is only 5 kms from Dubrovnik Airport so a quick 10 minute drive if travelling by car. If staying in Dubrovnik and you’re wanting to visit for the day, you can take the scenic route via one of the many ferry services operating or take the number 10 bus – both options taking between 30 – 45 minutes and with regular schedules.

What to do

  • Stroll down the tree-lined promenade then relax in one of the many bars and cafes and take in the views.
Cavtat promenade

Enjoying the cafes along the Cavtat promenade

  • At the far end of the promenade, the Baroque church of St Nicholas is beautifully situated, overlooking the superb waterfront and worth a look inside. I know Europe is inundated with gorgeous churches, all with their own charms but I just love looking at the craftsmanship and absorbing the history of each and every one.
Church of St Nicholas Cavtat

The Church of St Nicholas has picturesque views over the bay.

church-of-st-nicholas-sculpture-cavtat Church of St Nicholas Cavtat

  • Close to the church of St Nicholas, you’ll find a walkway up to Cavtat cemetery. Once you make the gentle steep climb, you’ll be rewarded with a panoramic vista over the Adriatic coastline. Cemeteries are often not just full of history, but they can often have the best views – probably wasted on those who reside there permanently but there to be enjoyed by visiting loved ones and tourists alike.

Cavtat cemetery

Cemetery at Cavtat

View from Cavtat cemetery

  • Once you’re at Cavtat cemetery, you’ll also find the mausoleum of the prominent fishing Racic family who died in the early 20th century. Designed by Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović , it’s made entirely from white Brac stone except for its bronze entry door and bell. Once inside, you’re greeted with stone angel sculptures depicting the various stages of life.
Mausoleum at Cavtat cemetery, Racic family

Racic Family Mausoleum at Cavtat

  • Day-trips ex Cavtat – even though you’re not in the large city of Dubrovnik, you can still access many tours and activities from Cavtat. Sea-kayaking, island tours, day trips to Montenegro and Korcula, wine-tasting tours – you won’t miss out on anything just because you’re enjoying the quieter life in this little village.

Cavtat waterfront Church of St Nicholas

We really loved our day visit here and would definitely consider a stay should we be lucky enough to return to this gorgeous part of the world. So many times we concentrate on the bigger and more well-known cities that smaller towns with their own unique charms are missed, Cavtat really is the prettiest little village and a great little sister to Dubrovnik which is still within easy reach. I’m so happy we were able to spend some time here – definitely try and visit if near Dubrovnik.




4 thoughts on “Cavtat – a jewel on the Adriatic Sea

  1. Ashley

    I have always wanted to go to Croatia! This looks like such a beautiful place to visit. I would love to do the ferry ride from Dubrovnik I bet that is stunning!

    1. Airline Girl Post author

      Hi Ashley. Everything around that coastline is beautiful. It would be great to do a sailing tour around Croatia too I think. I hope you get there one day – you’ll love it. Therese

    1. Airline Girl Post author

      Hi Sylvia. The cemetery is beautiful & the view is stunning. There are quite a few steps to get up there but the view is worth it. Therese

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