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You know where you want to go, you’ve sorted your flight dates and you know which airline is the lucky recipient of your business. Whether you book directly with the airline or via an agent, it’s worth spending a little extra time browsing through the airline website for any other information that may come in useful or answer any questions you have at the back of your mind.

Baggage information – what are the baggage allowances and excess baggage charges, what types of items are classed as dangerous goods, what are the charges (if any) for taking wheelchairs or sporting equipment. You can wait on hold to ask the question directly or quickly go online to find the answer you need.

Hotel and Holiday information – many airline websites have hotel, rental car and destination information, This great link on the Air New Zealand website has a great road trip planner if you’re wanting a fly-drive holiday.

Special Assistance – need assistance or travelling advice due to a medical condition or if you require a wheelchair? Many sites will provide you with answers to your questions or advise you on the necessary steps to take if needing special authorisation.

Special meals – do you require a special meal for health or religious reasons? Kosher meals, Hindu meals, Vegetarian, Gluten-free, Child meals – there are a variety to choose from and the information is usually online. Some airline sites even have the actual menu loaded for passengers to view. e,g, Emirates have the facility to input your flight details and see what’s on the menu before you fly. Qantas allow passengers (even economy class) to preselect their meal preference before departure (both options on selected flights only).

Seat Selection – ideal if you want to have a look at the seating plan and prebook your seat before arriving at the airport.

Airport and lounge information – travelling to a new destination and want to know what the airport facilities are either in transit or on arrival? Need to know how to transfer between terminals or what the public transfer options are? The answers you need are most likely on the airline’s site.

Conditions of Carriage – although important, this is probably the link which most people will give a miss. It explains items such as the terms and conditions of the contract of the ticket and transporting of baggage, liability in the case of schedule changes, delays, flight cancellations, conduct about the aircraft etc. It’s probably not one of the documents at the top of anyone’s list to read unless there is a problem, but interesting for a perusal anyway.

As you can see, there’s a wealth of information on these airline websites. They’re all a little different – some maybe more comprehensive than others however I encourage you to have a browse through your chosen airline’s site before your next trip away. You never know what extra little bits of handy info you’ll come across.


6 thoughts on “Airline Websites – not just for booking your flights

    1. Airline Girl Post author

      You’re welcome. Most of my exploration seems to revolve around shopping and eating in Bangkok – hope you enjoy it when you get there.

  1. Sylvia

    Thanks, i am usually very good at browsing through airlines websites…especially when i get a good price…i like to read between the line and see what the terms & conditions are like. I actually like to browse airports websites as well. Knowledge is valuable and make things a bit easier. It also prevents some major ‘surprises’ and ‘headaches’.

    1. Airline Girl Post author

      Very wise Sylvia and great to hear. We have so many passengers call us who don’t read anything on our website except for the cost of the fare and the flight details. Most airline sites have so much more to offer. Thank you for the comment. Therese

  2. Larissa

    I honestly had no idea airline websites contained so much. I usually visit them to book flights and check baggage information. I knew about the seat selection, and airport/lounge info, but I did not know they had information on holidays and hotels. This is good to know for the future!

    1. Airline Girl Post author

      Glad you found the post useful Larissa. I learned a few things myself about these websites when researching for the post. Therese

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