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Self-contained accommodation has everything you need for a comfortable stay.

I love the comfort of a hotel – especially for short stays. Lovely décor, great amenities, pool, gym, housekeeping service – it’s one of those little luxuries we all like to indulge in at some stage if we can afford it. However, I do sometimes miss the little comforts of home when we’re away – a kitchen to make a snack, comfortable seating and just that bit of extra room to spread out. So if we’re away for a few days, we like to find an apartment or somewhere self-contained to really enable us to relax just that little bit more.

From unique little pensions in Vienna overlooking St Stephens Cathedral to apartments in West Village Manhattan, plus funky modern accommodation in Zagreb to units in New Zealand’s South Island, we’ve experienced a variety of this type of accommodation and love the convenience it offers.

Not convinced about giving up room-service and fluffy bathrobes? These advantages to holiday rentals may make you think otherwise.

Enjoy the extra space

Most self-contained holiday rentals will have a separate bedroom, with 2 and 3 bedrooms also available in many places. For families or travelling with friends, this can save you the hassle of trying to squeeze an extra rollaway bed into a hotel room and tripping over each other. There will also be a lounge area to relax together after that day out sightseeing. Many apartments and houses also have more than one bathroom which is great if travelling with a number of people.

Live like a local

Apartments can still be located in the city centre, however if staying a little further out, you get to enjoy the city like a local in between all that sightseeing and really get a feel for the place. Go for a casual walk around the neighbourhood, visit the neighbouring cafes and mix with the locals and enjoy the vibe. This really gives you a more authentic travel experience.

walking in park

If you’re staying just out of the city centre, take time to explore the local area.

Save money

Self-contained accommodation can save you money in a number of ways.

  • By being able to accommodate more than two or three in the room, you will usually save money on booking multiple hotel rooms.
  • I don’t know about you, but although I love eating out and enjoying local cuisine, sometimes I just feel like a snack or some home cooking while I’m away – even if it’s just for breakfast. Eating three meals out every day can not only add to the waistline but also get really expensive. Find the local market or supermarket and buy in some goodies to enjoy while relaxing. Apartments and houses have kitchens with all the basics so you don’t need to end up fighting with that plastic fork and knife whilst eating out of a cardboard box or paper bag.
healthy breakfast

With your own kitchen, you can easily put together your own meal instead of spending up big every day in cafes and restaurants.

  • Some holiday rentals have laundry facilities – no more having to pay a fortune for housekeeping to wash that collection of dirty clothes that have built up over your trip.
  • Many holiday rentals will also offer discounts for longer stays of 3, 4 or 7 nights. These types of discounts will normally be shown on their site but if not, ask when making your reservation.
Save money on holiday

Save money on food, laundry and other expenses and use your savings towards fun extras for your holiday.

Serviced or not serviced

Not too happy about having to make the bed or keep the place tidy while you’re enjoying your break? Personally it doesn’t bother me having to quickly make a bed or do a few dishes however there is also the option of serviced apartments where some of these chores are still taken care of. Many of these types of apartments also have a reception should you need assistance in any way. You just need to check when booking as to exactly what is covered.

Convinced? There are a variety of sites that will provide you with a range of self-contained accommodation – both apartments and houses – whether it be through an on-line booking accommodation site e.g., Trip Advisor, Expedia or holiday rental sites like Airbnb,, Give it a try for your next stay away and enjoy!

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