About Me

Hi. I’m Therese.

Welcome to my site.

Who am I and why should anyone pay attention to what I have to say about the travel industry and airlines?

I’ve been in the travel industry my whole working life. I started at a major New Zealand travel wholesaler, followed by an Australian wholesaler and airline. Creating and booking holiday packages for passengers plus issuing their travel documents was a great learning experiences for my start in the industry.

After moving to Australia, I worked for a South Pacific airline for three years before moving to a large Asian airline where I’ve been for the past twenty years (where did the time go). I worked for a number of years in the reservations and ticketing areas before moving to the sales area. So as you can see, I’ve had a few different roles in the industry over a number of years.

Well that’s the “who” and here’s the “why”. There’s been so many changes in the industry the past few years. Overseas travel has become more accessible for the general public . The internet now provides general information for all and online reservations sites have seen major changes in the way bookings are created and handled.

There’s a lot of information out there and it’s great that reservations can be made and a ticket sent to someone’s inbox in a matter of minutes but in many ways the industry has become more complicated. Whether passengers are booking themselves directly or through a travel agent, issues arise on a daily basis due to a lack of understanding or explanation.  Fare conditions, frequent flyer programmes, flight inclusions – it’s become a bit of a minefield and unfortunately passengers are often the ones being left confused or worse, out of pocket .

Do I promise to be the font of all knowledge for all the fares, airlines, travel agents out there? Nope!  Will I give you the sanitised version of how it really is out there in “travel land”? No way! I’ll sometimes be really to the point but I’m hoping I can give some helpful info from an airline persons’s point of view and maybe help some of you navigate through the wonderful world of  travel. Plus give you some insights to the trips I’ve been lucky enough to go on. Then all that is left is to board that aircraft and enjoy!

Happy travels!